Monday, September 7, 2009

Running Tours...yeah right!!

On this morning's Today show on NBC Amy Robach did a report on a new way to see the city you are visiting on vacation or a business trip with a few days to yourself.
They are called 'Running Tours' for regular runners. The tours are 8 miles long and cost $72.00, they are available in several cities and they are intending to branch out even further.
The tours are given in New York City, Austin TX,Charleston SC,Chicago IL, and Washington D.C. currently. The company was created by a chiropractor named Michael Gazaleh 4 years ago who was asked to take an out of town guestof a friend out for a run.
This idea was so creative I was suprised it had not been brought to Boston as of yet. But, while suprised, it also gave me the perfect idea!
Running Tours of Boston....for the rest of us! By that I mean, much like the rides at Six Flags there would be a weight requirement to participate. My brochure, much like the signs to the entries of the lines would say something such as 'You must weigh this much to take part in this tour!' Here's a scene of how it would probably go...
After some minor stretching, mostly to work the kink out of my neck gotten from the previous night's heavy partying, but the runners won't know that. And...away we go!
I start at a moderate pace from the North end of the Boston Common:
"Here on our left is the Boston Common (first strong exhale) first established in 1634 when the area was designated a common pasture."
Breaths become noticeably more labored..."This is...the...Park Street Church...." no further info given.
"And (heavy breathing with a slight presence of a wheeze) Government....Cen...." unable to finish the name.
"This is Faniuel....Ha... Hall" Uh...(cough cough!!!) Someone from the back tries to ask me a question..."When was Fan..." but I scream "Save your questions 'till the end of the TOUR!!!"

And that is how my tours would go, ask any hotel concierge about them, they are sure to become all the rage in Boston very quickly!

'Da Bug!

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